Thursday, 6 July 2017

Fundraising for our Kids

Everybody knows raising a child is expensive but when you start to add it all up, it can kind of seem really daunting. I think we should teach this at secondary schools as part of the sexual health education curriculum .

With school fee's, school uniforms, sports clubs, cultural groups, music classes, singing lessons, dance class and don't forget the day to day costs like the excessive water bill from their extremely long showers, mobile phone bill from their excessive need to communicate to ALL of their friends ALL of the time, the pantry being restocked three times a week due to the mysterious food terminator and then there's the "mum can I have" hidden costs.

Honestly I don't know how I do it but I do and I wouldn't change it...well not all of it.
And you think you are doing well, you think 'I got this I know how to budget I can save the world, I'm supermum!' and then you get that letter from your child's school.

Seriously they should put these letters in a red envelope, a bright red envelope so you know not to open it.
Now I am not one of those mums who isn't involved in their child's education, I get right in there with my calculator and iPad ready to Google the answers. I attend my teacher parent date and all the school activities. I help out when I can and I love their schools. I acknowledge the enormous task these poor under valued superstars have to endure and salute them for trying their best to inspire, teach and look after 1500 kids just like mine every weekday.
So I take a really really long breath and I open that letter and yes my child has another school trip.

Now I don't want to complain this is not my intent here, though  in my day, our school trip was to go to the park down the road, we would pitch our tent and the only cost was the old Milo can we would convert to a hobo oven and the sausages to cook that mum packed for us. Now I know times have changed. These were the days of playing bull rush and making leg warmers from cutting the sleeves off your old jersey. I don't remember much about the trip but I remember having a lot of fun with my friends. It really is that simple, kids just need fun and in an ever developing world where kids fun comes at an ever increasing cost, as a parent I have to sit and wonder, what happened to the good old days.

Should my child go to a school trip to the other side of the world? These culture exchange trips are an incredible opportunity for my child to experience. I know this is something I could possibly never give them, so how can I say no. How can I say to my child, it is so fantastic that you got nominated out off all the other students to go on this trip because you have done so well at school but.... I just cant. I look at the $8000.00 I need to raise and think 'where is that supermum, that one that thought she had this, thought she could save the world, where is she now? I now have to include fundraising in my repertoire of skills. This isn't the cupcake sales my mother use to do, as good as her secret recipe was it isn't worth $8000.00 . I need help!

Here at TicketSuite we understand the need for parents to fundraise to help with their children's education costs. After talking to one mum we decided we needed to help and provide our facilities to more families. To raise funds online through peer to peer fundraising, buy a ticket, raffles or any other ideas you can think of. to raise funds for your child's trip.
Talk to our team who have helped other families raise the much needed funds for their child's school trips, we could even help the whole class to collect. No membership fees no hidden costs. Get in touch and see if we can help you visit

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