Friday, 22 December 2017

5 Tips for a Successful Peer to Peer Fundraiser

We often hear on social media sites about people’s success running peer to peer fundraising campaigns but have you ever wondered how many fail? And why did they fail? What did they do or not do that sealed the fate of their campaigns? Today we are going to look at some tips to make sure your peer to peer fundraiser gets off to a roaring start.

5. Have a clear, concise goal in mind:

When creating your peer to peer fundraising page make sure you tell your audience exactly what you intend to support. Be as transparent as possible about how the funds will be allocated and what you are hoping to achieve. This will add vital credibility to your campaign. Try avoiding vagueness around your goals or not being clear with who and why you intend to help this will be a huge turn off for potential supporters.

4. Consider holding an event too:

When fundraising a lot of us limit ourselves to just one method of collection with the belief that we should focus solely on one avenue so that we don’t seem too needy, but why? From charity Fight Nights to office cupcake days there are so many options for additional giving just find a way of getting your audience involved after all who doesn’t love a good bit of home baking?!

3. Go all in for your event:

Holding an event during your peer to peer drive? Great why not use your peer to peer profiles as champions for the event? Get people to support not only by purchasing a ticket to the event if it is required but also supporting event participants whether it’s a Gala Dinner, fun run or exercise challenge any sponsorship is good sponsorship after all which leads us to the next point.

2. Social media is your BFF:

Sharing, liking and posting updates to your social media is critical, if you aren’t using social media to drive donations to your champion pages, charity events or just to let people know what’s going on you are missing a huge piece of the pie. Social media is free and has thousands of people using it every single day and for the price of a weeks’ worth of coffees, you can promote a post to reach even more potential donors and supporters.

1. Be genuine, not cheesy:

In this day and age being genuine is the most important thing if you want people to take you seriously. We all remember the tacky ads from the TV that try to elicit those guilty emotions, DON’T DO IT! Be clever, be funny and tell real stories because the punters can smell a lie from a mile away!

At the end of the day, there are many options out there for fundraising and peer to peer is a great idea especially if it’s in conjunction with other avenues and why not maximize your effort if you can? At TicketSuite we believe in only taking what’s fair and that is why we have made it our mission to create a platform that offers all the bells and whistles but for a fraction of what others out there charge. To learn more, read through our 'About Us' section or get in touch with us today via our 'Contact Us' page to see how we could help you run a cost-effective peer to peer fundraiser or simply handle ticketing for your event today!

Friday, 8 December 2017

The Modern-Day Collection Bucket: How to fundraise in a declining donation market?

When you come across a person standing on the corner of a street holding a collection bucket you immediately think “oh, do I have any spare change to give?”

With so many charities competing for your support, it’s hard to decide whom to give your money to.
Most people like to support a cause. Most people will give what they can if they feel it is a great cause.

In a world where money is becoming less and less an item we carry in our pockets we often find ourselves with nothing to put in the bucket. Some charities have caught onto this and now invest in portable Eftpos machines or ‘txt a donation’. Both options present a considerable cost to the Charity and we know there is a considerable drop in the number of donations each year.

People live busy lives, running to an ATM machine to withdraw some cash for the collection bucket is not a priority. Even ‘text a donation’ is not that simple.

Giving should be made easy. Dropping a few coins in a bucket, that is easy. Without the coin it gets difficult.

We have the modern-day collection bucket.

TicketSuite is an online platform that uses Peer to Peer fundraising to help you raise funds for your cause. Imagine reaching many homes across the country, ready for people to donate at their convenience. Using our online payment system, no coins are required.

Sounds perfect right? So, what exactly is peer to peer fundraising?

With the modern-day collection bucket, there is no need to stand on the street collecting from people who wonder pass. You can share your bucket to your social network anywhere, anytime.

This way you can,

1.    Extend that collection day to a week or a couple of weeks
2.    Decrease the amount of time a volunteer would have to give to help your charity raise funds
3.   Capture a guaranteed audience

So how does it work?

1. Register as an ‘Event Organiser’ to create an event page on TicketSuiteCreate the event page here:

2. Share the event page on your Facebook and other social networking sites with your friends, family, advocates, volunteers, and staff.

3. Encourage them to register as a ‘Champion’ for your event. Who is a Champion: A Champion is a person who will fundraise for your event.

4. Champions need to fill a form to create a ‘Fundraising Page’ telling why they are a champion for your event.

5. Once the ‘fundraising page’ is set up the champions need to share the page on their Facebook and other social networking sites. This will help in reaching many people who would probably be difficult to reach using other traditional methods.

Does Peer to Peer fundraising work?

Let's imagine you are driving down the motorway and you see a billboard with a picture of a Big Mac saying purchase this Big Mac and all proceeds will go to a charity.

Now even though you may think that’s a great idea and there is a call to action, does it inspire you enough to get off the motorway and go to the drive-thru?

What if the same billboard had a picture of your best friend saying, “Please buy a Big Mac and support this cause that I believe in”. Now not only would you probably get off the motorway and go to the drive-thru, you would probably upsize, right? Unless of course you don’t like Big Macs, but I hope you get the point.

Peers inspire their peers. We are more likely to give if we are being asked by someone we know and trust. So, if your friend was on social media telling you what they were doing to help this great cause, why they needed your help and what your donation could do, you would be more inclined to give a donation and probably give more than a few coins.

Peer to peer fundraising has proven to be more successful than any other forms of fundraising. Blackboard says, “People who use online tools, raise 6 times more funds than those who don’t”

So, if anything its worth a go, it’s worth giving it a shot and seeing how you can fundraise. Get in touch with our team to learn how to make TicketSuite work for your cause.