Thursday, 3 May 2018

Making A Difference

How A Small Startup Can Make Big Things Happen

 Switch8 Fitness

Recently here at TicketSuite, we were approached by Switch8 fitness director Mike Helg. Mike’s dream was to make a fitness challenge with a difference but didn’t quite know how. We sat down and looked at all the main things people in a similar space are doing. The first thing we noticed was that the clear majority of these 30-day weight loss and boot camp style challenges is that they were focused on simply churning out a result for the participants.

We took this and formulated a way to make it different, a lot of people burn out of these types of programs because it’s easy to not do something for yourself. We decided we needed an edge, a way to keep participants truly accountable and so ‘The $10k Give’ was born. The idea is simple, participants register, create a champion profile and pick 1 of 6 charities to raise funds for. We figured that if participants had to stay accountable to a cause and in turn the people sponsoring them then they would be less likely to quit.

But we needed more, something to really sweeten the deal for people to want to do ‘The $10k Give’ so we came up with a single cash prize, $10,000 for the person who not only transforms their body the most but also who raises the most for their chosen cause. There is no shortcut with this program, it's not going to be won by the person who just slams the gym for 12 weeks nor will the most socially minded person wins. The winner will be a truly committed person who can demonstrate both a willingness to change their own life and make an impactful change for others.

OK, cool so what makes this something I should care about? The reason is simple, be the change you want to see. Change your own mindset to care for yourself and caring for others will be a natural, organic change too. We hope to be a catalyst in peoples lives to be socially minded and self-aware long beyond the finish date.

And there you have it, this is how one young startup is aiming to make a mark on the world. The Registrations for ‘The $10k Give’ are open so head to Switch8 Fitness Facebook page or visit to register now and to learn more about the 12 Week Fitness Challenge. 

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