Friday, 24 November 2017

What is TicketSuite?

There are a lot of options out there for online ticketing and fundraising platforms. TicketSuite’s aim is to make it easier and more cost-effective by combining the ticketing and fundraising platform in an online one-stop shop, making it easier for you to do all you need to sell event tickets and fundraise.

TicketSuite is a new kiwi made platform specifically designed to help charities and not for profits. However, anyone looking to sell tickets to an event and/or who wants to fundraise through peer to peer fundraising can use TicketSuite.

It really is simple just register as an organiser, set up your event either to sell tickets or to fundraise and share it with your networks on social media. No more chasing people up for that ticket money they just purchase the ticket via the link shared and all the money gets deposited into your account.

Another important aspect of TicketSuite is peer to peer fundraising which makes fundraising easier. To start collecting funds for your cause you need to become a Champion or recruit Champions, who advocate for your cause. Once your event is set up you can now set up a champion page just remember to select for which event you are becoming a champion to raise funds. TicketSuite allows you to share your champion page on your social media platforms to spread awareness. All the money raised gets deposited into your account. TicketSuite also gives you access to all the data collected once a user purchases a ticket or donates to your cause.

Considering how difficult it is to raise funds these days, to make it easier TicketSuite has no set up fees and no monthly fees. To discuss further and know more about it contact us by clicking on this link:

So, go check out Sign up for an account today. Free of charge and with no obligations. Use it whenever you like and how often you like. Talk to our team who can help you develop a great marketing plan to make the most out of this opportunity and raise more funds for your cause today!

Make more when fundraising by registering on TicketSuite right now!

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